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April 06, 2014

"I bought 2 of your sashes and LOVE them!  The tie sash is a secure way to carry my cell phone as the hidden zip pocket keeps it close to my body.  No chance of misplacing it!"  3/30/2014  L. Irwin, Illinois


"If you're a walker, or go to any sporting events or festivals, this is a MUST have! Fabulous! Now I don't have to worry about my purse being stolen out of my car! Thank you trabeca."  4/4/2014 S. Sebuck, Charleston, SC 


Andrea | April 07, 2014

I wear my buckle sash most weekends, whether I’m running to the grocery store or chasing my toddler around the playground. Phone, cash, (spare pacifier…!) all hands free! Thank you!

Robyn | April 15, 2014

I thought I’d be wearing the sash mostly when out and about running errands, which I do, but I truly love it for the office. We’re in a huge building and I have meetings all over the place, I have to carry my laptop so it’s so awesome stick my phone and credit card in the sash and run around to meetings and the cafeteria. It’s so freeing not to have to lug a purse around! And it seriously looks amazing with all my work outfits.

NPP Valok | January 24, 2017

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