trabeca's sash:  a true design breakthrough! 

At long last, a stylish answer to the dreaded fanny pack . . .

For decades, the fanny pack has served as a utilitarian yet unappealing accessory for women and others, especially travelers, wishing to keep their valuables at hand while going "hands free."  Now, finally - there is a chic alternative.  trabeca design's line of stylish silk and ponte sashes conceal secure pockets that hold cash, credit cards, cell phones, even a car key!

Best of all, trabeca's sashes are so good-looking one will want to wear them purely as a sophisticated accessory - something one would never dream of doing with a fanny pack!

Designed with many audiences in mind, these sashes are perfect for all those times it's preferable - wise even - to leave one's purse behind.  From touring foreign cities to hitting the local playground with kids to walking your dog on the beach, trabeca's sashes provide freedom and function with a solid dose of fashion.

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